Alumni Yearbook 2020

The 15th edition of our Alumni Yearbook 2020 – Diversity in action – is out now.


Diversity and inclusion has long been a strategic priority for Allen & Overy and when the theme was chosen for the Alumni Yearbook 2020, no one could foresee the additional challenges that lay ahead.


D&I has also been a key focus for the Alumni Network for some years and judging by the personal stories of alumni we profile in this edition, it’s high on the agendas of many individuals too. Read the Yearbook.

Connecting alumni, partners and employees

At Allen & Overy we are committed to keeping in touch with our alumni. We like to think of our Alumni Network as the gateway to a global network of professionals in virtually every business sector.

You may no longer work at A&O, but we still consider former colleagues to be a part of our global family. Our dedicated Alumni Network aims to provide you with the means to renew friendships and expand your professional network, gain access to industry intelligence and training opportunities, and to be kept up to date on developments within A&O.

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