Diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity is one of A&O’s strategic business priorities. Our aim is to build an environment where everyone feels supported and comfortable in being open, and where the differences between our people, past and present, create opportunities not barriers. Learn more about A&O’s diversity and inclusion strategy.

We are extending our diversity and inclusion networks to our alumni, starting with the following networks.

A&Out – LGBTQ+ global network

A&Out is A&O’s global network for our LGBTQ+ community, with more than 100 members and 700 allies across the world.

If you identify as LGBTQ+, please join A&Out and if not then become an ally. An ally is someone who cares about the issues and challenges facing the LGBTQ+ community and wants to engage with A&Out to raise their awareness.

A&Out hosts various events throughout the year providing great networking and discussion opportunities for its members and allies and their professional networks. A&Out also supports and promotes role models to create an inclusive culture and engages externally including getting involved in a number of pro bono activities that are making a difference assisting LGBTQ+ communities around the world.

To find out more about joining A&Out – whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or as an ally, email A&Outnetwork@allenovery.com (global excluding U.S.) or DiversityCommittee@allenovery.com (U.S.).


Race and Ethnicity @A&O – UK network

Become a Race & Ethnicity ally and amplify the voices of black, Asian and minority ethnic colleagues.

A&O’s allies programme was launched in 2020 as part of the firm’s strategy on race and ethnicity. At the heart of this strategy is a determination to redouble our efforts to effect tangible change for the benefit of our people and our business, ensuring an inclusive culture where everyone can be themselves, progress their career and contribute to the success of the firm.

A&O’s Race & Ethnicity Committee is looking for more people from across our London office and the Alumni Network to sign up as Race & Ethnicity allies and get involved.

More about the role of an ally

There are four strands to being a good Race & Ethnicity ally:

• Being aware – allies are not expected to be experts, but are expected to have an understanding of the issues and challenges facing ethnic minorities.

• Open – Allies are not afraid to have conversations about race with colleagues and listen to the experiences of others. They appreciate that the experience of a non-white person will differ from those of a white person.

• Visible – The role of an ally is to amplify the voices of the community they support. As part of this, allies are encouraged to attend and support race and ethnicity events at A&O, share information on race and ethnicity matters and talk about these events and initiatives within their networks.

• Speak out – An ally acts if they see or hear anything inappropriate or disrespectful. This doesn’t necessarily mean calling someone out publicly on their behaviour, but you can ‘call them in’ separately to discuss your concerns.

Interested in becoming a Race & Ethnicity ally? Please email RaceandEthnicity@allenovery.com to sign up. Once registered, you’ll receive a copy of the allies guide and regular communications regarding our race and ethnicity work and events, including news articles on allyship and race and ethnicity in the workplace; links to training; and opportunities to get involved in diversity and inclusion activities.


Society of East Asian Lawyers – SEAL

The Society of East Asian Lawyers (SEAL), was formed in 2020 by a group of trainees in A&O’s London office. Its steering committee now comprises trainees, associates and partners. The first of its kind among London law firms, SEAL’s mission is to build a community for A&O staff and alumni with East Asian heritage or connections to network, grow and celebrate their cultural heritage both internally and externally. It also welcomes alumni who are interested in East Asian business and culture.

Since its establishment, the SEAL committee has been building a network with A&O’s international offices, and also with the A&O Asian Affinity Network in the U.S. In addition, SEAL has represented the A&O East Asian voice on multiple platforms, e.g. the Aspiring Solicitors’ Diversity Platform and LawyerUp.

To join the SEAL allies global distribution list, email London_SEAL@AllenOvery.com. Once registered, you’ll receive member-specific communications and event invitations.


U.S. Black and Latinx Affinity Group – BLAG

A&O’s U.S. Black and Latinx Affinity Group, ‘BLAG’, is extended to A&O alumni to help us reach our goal of making A&O a truly diverse and inclusive place.

BLAG’s mission is committed to cultivating a space that promotes the advancement of our Black and Latinx people, creating an inclusive and open environment through mentoring, networking, and recruitment, and by fostering our strengths through community involvement, pro bono, and advocacy in order to strengthen our people as leaders of the future.

To get involved and learn more about BLAG, email DiversityCommittee@allenovery.com. Alternatively, you may contact Erica Aghedo (New York).



U.S. Asian Affinity Network – AAN

A&O’s U.S. Asian Affinity Network (AAN) is dedicated to highlighting the diversity of cultures to promote inclusivity. The AAN focuses on hosting educational and celebratory events and discussions, and is open to alumni interested in discussing, supporting, and promoting conversations and topics relevant to our Asian attorneys.

To get involved and learn more about AAN, email DiversityCommittee@allenovery.com.


U.S. Women’s Committee

A&O’s U.S. Women’s Committee was formed as a platform to strengthen the women’s network across the Americas, and to become a resource for associates and partners alike through training, client development and other general networking opportunities. It also provides a forum for sharing ideas, experiences and perspectives from people at different levels and in different roles across the firm, and to discuss (and help to address) issues affecting women at all stages of their career at A&O in the United States. Achieving more balance and diversity at A&O is essential for our business and for our people and helps us to connect with our clients and communities.

To get involved and learn more about the U.S. Women’s Committee, email DiversityCommittee@allenovery.com.